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アデコ株式会社のコロナ禍の人生観と仕事観への影響に関する調査結果から(English summary available)


Recent survey conducted by Adecco to 800 workers (men and women) in Japan on how the Covid affected the outlook on life and work showed that approx. 40% felt that their view on how to live their life were impacted.

The data showed general trend that women were more impacted (in terms of their life and work) over men, and that younger generations in their 20s and 30s were more impacted over workers in 40s and 50s.

To me, the result was not so surprising.

It may show similar in other countries as well.

The survey also asked on the work style utilized during Covid (such as work-from-home, use of online meetings, and flexible work system).

What struck me was that out of the 800 men and women responded, 56.6% responded that there were NO change to the way they worked, meaning even in this impactful period, people are working in the same way as they did before Covid!

Now yes, it is true that there are industries where it is difficult to WFH or do an online meeting.

However, 56.6% seems just too high for me.

Covid was a game changer that gave impact to ALL industries, ALL workers.

It gave greatest excuse to make a change in workplaces.

If these companies in Japan did not make any change now, I wonder when they would ever change...













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