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この度、International Coaching FederationからProfessional Certified Coach (PCC)の資格を取得しました。


資格は3種類あり、コーチングとトレーニングの時間、審査基準に応じてACC, PCC, MCCのレベルがあります(ACCは取得済み)。







I am pleased to share that I received my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation !

To obtain this credential, not only will I need to fulfill the required coaching and training hours, but I also need to submit two recordings of actual coaching sessions for the review by the ICF assessors.

I am one of the very few Japanese-English bilingual coach, where Japanese is my native language. Although ICF accepts Japanese recordings for assessment, because I also work with English speaking clients in/out of Japan, I committed myself to have my coaching accredited based on English recordings to make sure it is kept up to the professional level.

It wasn't easy, but I am so grateful knowing that I have met this goal!

I would like to thank all my clients, coaches, mentor coaches, and supporters who have helped me along the way. Thank you so much!

I've been seeing other coaches posting about their credential on LinkedIn, and hoping that one day I'd be able to do the same.

Now my wish has come true!!!


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