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My Eyes Tokyoに掲載されました!

(English follows)


その内容の一部を「これは製薬業界以外の人にも知ってもらえると良い!」と、一般化してMy Eyes Tokyoさんが取り上げてくださいました!







Excerpt of my recent talk on what Japanese people should be aware of when collaborating with global team members, was posted on My Eyes Tokyo!

(Currently only available in Japanese, but they are planning to release English version of the article as well)

I spent most of my childhood in the US, and then returned to Japan to pursue my career in global drug development. I raised my child in Japan, so I now know the US and Japanese cultures from both perspective, which is really helpful in coaching/mentoring business person working globally.

Although it is only a summary of one section of my 2 hour talk to people in the pharmaceutical industry, the summary is so well-written and I'm really happy that they've done this!

FYI: "My Eyes Tokyo" has great posts both in English and in Japanese


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