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Yuki Sakuragi | Bilingual executive
& leadership coach / trainer

<Who am I and what do I do?>

Yuki Sakuragi is a bilingual career counselor / executive business coach / mentor with a national qualification in career consulting (career consultant).

She is one of the few Japanese female English-speaking coach in Japan certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF-PCC).

She also delivers seminars/trainings for corporates.


<Services provided by Yuki Sakuragi>

  • Personal career counseling/coaching/mentoring for executives/managers

  • Career counseling/coaching/mentoring for corporates

  • Seminars/trainings/workshops for corporates



Yuki has spent nearly 20 years in pharmaceutical firm, including work experiences in a domestic company, a global company and a regulatory authority, mainly dealing with a global development of pharmaceutical products. She had spent most of her career working as a “working mother” and also has experience leading teams as a manager (the percentage of women in management position in Japan is only less than 15%, and Yuki is one of them).


Despite the pleasure of developing drugs for the patients with unmet medical needs with team members around the globe, she also suffered the difficulty in keeping the life-work balance; keeping responsibilities both at work and at home as a working mother.


With such experiences and qualified skills, she now supports women leaders and leaders-to-be who suffers with mother’s guilt, overwhelming to-do’s and time limitations, despite the will to seek their career goal through counseling/coaching/mentoring sessions. Yuki also supports managers who wishes to encourage working mothers and/or women leaders, and English-speaking managers who are facing difficulties managing the organization due to cultural differences.


Not only does she provide such sessions, based on her skills as a business person, she also delivers seminars/trainings on business skills, careers, communication skills, management skills, etc. Her seminars/training has been well received as it contains many actual experiences.


Yuki has spent 8 years of her childhood in the US, and graduated university in Japan.

She is married and is also the mother of a grown-up child (univ student).

She enjoys Wadaiko (Japanese drum), camping and tennis.


Career Consultant (national certification)

GCDF-Japan Certified Career Counselor
International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF-PCC)

GCS Certified Professional Coach

BCMA Certified Career Mentor

Points of You Evangelist

<Professional experiences >

  • Coaching/mentoring

Over 600 hours of experience working with coaches/mentees in manufacturing, IT, insurance, gas, pharmaceutical, medical, trading industry. Highly evaluated by coaches/mentees who are managers in global companies. 

Session themes

・ Management (leadership, people development, delegation, etc)

・ Communication / coaching / mentoring / human relations at work

・ Work-life balance

・ Career change

Key client background

・ Executives

・ Managers/leaders (including future leaders)

・ Working mothers

・ Women

・ People in their late 30s - late 40s

  • Training / Facilitation

Training / facilitation provided in both English and Japanese (and mixed as well).

Coaching, leadership, presentation skills, D&I, women empowerment, career, on-boarding processes, etc.

Tools such as CliftonStrengths(R), Points of You(R) are used upon request.​

Vast experience facilitating group and world-café style discussions interactively in company off-sites and workshops, especially to multi-national companies.


・ Basic business skills

・ Communication skills (coaching, mentoring, presentation, etc)

・ Leadership (communication, mindset, diversity, etc)

・ Empowerment of women in business (for management, women leaders, etc)

・ Working mother related topics

・ Diversity (LGBT, foreign workers, etc.)

・ Global mindset

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NOTE:  The level of English on this page reflects actual English level of Yuki Sakuragi.

Client must understand counseling/coaching/mentoring is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy even if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.

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